Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures in Cooking - Cupcake Decorating

Last week I did a cupcake decorating class. It was a Living Social special and as soon as I saw it I snapped it up because it was for the cake place I got my wedding cake from. And where I got my thirtieth birthday cupcakes from. And where I got my mum's sixtieth birthday cake from. And where two of my friends get their cakes from. In short, they do THE most delicious cakes there. The decorating is gorgeous, the cakes are moist and delicious, no matter which flavour you choose, and as someone who doesn't love a lot of cake, I could eat an entire wedding cake from them without batting an eyelid.

So. Even though this was my first time doing proper cake decorating and they don't look very professional, it was super fun!

I did decorate six cupcakes, but my husband and I ate three of them. They were chocolate mud, in case you were wondering (you were. Admit it).

Working with the icing was so much easier than I thought. And to do all these little things, you just need a variety of stencils and cutters.

This ribbon rose was a bit harder to create, and it's sitting on a love heart that I didn't position properly so you can't see it, but it was still fun to create.

This bow was my favourite one to create. It was so unbelievably simple, but it looks so adorable. Done in pink or blue, or another pastel colour, I think it would be perfect for baby showers, kitchen teas, and birthday parties. I really want to recreate these first I think.

In summary, cupcake decorating is fun and now I want to decorate ALL THE THINGS. Pin It

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