Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 ARIA Awards Fashion - Hits and Misses

Did anyone even bother to watch the ARIAs the whole way through? I sure didn't. But I obsessively checked and refreshed the red carpet photos a LOT because if there's one thing I know, it's that music award shows bring the crazy fashion out. This year didn't disappoint.

I'm willing to bet 99% of the people in the crowds watching the arrivals didn't realise this was actor Noah Taylor and instead thought it was some guy dressed as a homeless man from the 1970s.

The Played it Safe Award - Natalie Bassingthwaite
Not bad, not bad. A relatively safe choice, but fairly cute nonetheless.

The What Not To Wear When You're a Hall of Fame Inductee - Kylie Minogue
If your dress even slightly resembles a nightie then DON'T WEAR IT. Ever.

The Toilet Roll Doll Dress - Kimbra
The thing is, if this dress had just been the top half the whole way down to mid-thigh, I probably would have though it was really cute and funky. As it looks though? All I can think of is the toilet roll holder doll people used to have on their toilet cisterns in the eighties.

The Mullet Dress - Zoe Badwi
SIGH. There's always got to be SOMEONE. Cute shoes, though.

The Blah Award - Seeker Lover Keeper
Or as I like to call them "The Sensible Shoe Brigade."

The Colour Overkill Award - Sally Singleton
I love colour on the red carpet. I don't like it, however, when someone's dress looks like it was made out of one million candy necklaces. And when it looks like they have pink hair growing out of their shoulders.

The Well Done Award - Dannii Minogue
While I feel like this dress is a bit too heavy for a Summery day, I do think Dannii looks great. And I LOVE the short hair on her. Very sassy!

The Yay! You Got My Memo Award - Jane Gazzo
She obviously read my post last year and took my comments on board. Well done, Jane Gazzo! This is funky, stylish and really, really cute. Hooray!

The So Close Award - Delta Goodrem
When I first saw this image I thought "Ooh, cute!" Then I saw it front on.

Besides the weird pose, the deal with this dress is the same as Kylie's up above. Do not wear something that vaguely resembles sleepwear. Ever. If this dress had been lined the whole way down and didn't have the side panels, I would have loved it. But I do not get the whole knee length then floor length layers in formal wear.

The Most Unflattering Dress Award - Clare Bowditch

So, so, so unflattering. SO unflattering. If this didn't have the harsh waistline that cuts her torso in half and widens the bottom half, it would have looked lovely. Instead it looks like she wrapped someone's curtains around her waist before she left the house.

The Basic Black Dress Award - Jessica Mauboy
It's not really a basic black dress, but it is lovely. The beading adds a nice texture to it and she looks gorgeous. My only nitpick is that her hair is too severe - I think a soft down do would have suited this look much better.

The Best Dressed Award - Katie Noonan
Some people might think this is kind of boring, but for me it ticks all the boxes. Ms. Noonan is a curvy lady, but she has done everything right: a subtle but rich colour, drapes in the right places, clingy at the waist, minimal accessories, and a fun hairstyle to finish off the look. My favourite look of the night!

What did you think of this year's ARIAs fashion?

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Dee said...

I didn't watch it (don't have TV, not into Australian music), but it makes me feel old that I have no idea who half of these people are. Except Jane Gazzo - she's been around since I was watching Saturday morning TV, she must be getting on a bit.

Nat said...

I didn't watch it. It's always the same full of whatever Aussie 'alternative' singer or band is flavour of the year. And it's a boring show generally.

Is anyone even looking at Kylie's dress - I couldn't take my eyes of Andres! What a spunk.

Melinda said...

Jessica Mauboy looks amazing but I do agree with you on the hair.

As for the mullet dress, if the back was cut off and it was just a straight short dress it would be really cute!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I feel the same way - often I think "Who?" when they announces the nominees!

Nat, remember the year that Wolfmother won everything? Then they just kind of....disappeared.

Melinda, I know, I don't understand this mullet dress thing - so many perfectly nice dresses ruined!

mallhaciel said...

i actually really liked Delta's dress but i suppose that photo makes it look very unflattering ....

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

mallhaciel, I actually think the photos make it look better than it possibly looked in real life! It has definite potential.