Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glee Higlights: Season 3, Episode 5 - The First Time

Or, as my sister calls it, "the one where everyone loses their V-Plates."

This episode was a vast, VAST improvement on last weeks' episode, yes? There were only a couple of minor things that I think were left out, and I thought the storylines were woven together so nicely through the cinematography and direction. It was a nice return to form for the production team.

So, here are my highlights!

Artie Is Inappropriate Multiple Times
Yeah...Artie's "directing" needs a little work. You don't tell your cast that they need to have physically experienced what they're acting out. I mean, would you tell someone playing a murderer to go out and kill someone? I think not.

Asking a teacher about their love life? SO INAPPROPRIATE. AND UNREALISTIC.

The Warblers
Uptown Girl is probably one of my all time favourite Billy Joel songs, so I loved this. Also, how obvious was it that Blaine misses the hell out the sausage fest that is Dalton? I wonder how long he's going to last at McKinley.....

Mike Chang, Jr and Mike Chang, Sr
I really hope the writers dedicate more time to this storyline. They're setting up a really interesting dynamic between Mike and his dad, and I think that done well this story could be developed really well.

 West Side Story
I really liked the way they showed the West Side Story scenes. The focus wasn't too heavy and it has to be said that Naya Rivera was fantastic in her role. Although I do have to take issue with Puck's mohawk (which I unfortunately couldn't find a good picture of). There are many things in this life humans should not be able to to, and having a mohawk long enough to comb to one side is one of them.

Kurt and Karofsky
Another nicely done scene. Kurt and Karofsky could have easily reverted back to the bully/victim dialogue, but instead they kept things normal and had an actual adult conversation. I hope they get a few more scenes like this over the rest of the season.

Blaine is Drunk
....off of one beer? Lightweight. Also, he was being a totally ass. Pressuring your boyfriend into doing It? Not cool, dude, not cool. I expected more from a bow-tie wearing sensitive soul like you, Blaine.

The Final Scenes

I really loved the way they interspersed the final scenes of West Side Story with the character's struggles and tender moments. Finn and Rachel in particular had some nice moments.

I'm also happy with the way they're treating Rachel and Finn's relationship when they talk about what will happen after graduation. It's realistic and both characters are showing uncharacteristic maturity whenever the top comes up.

Also, they treated the whole sex part really tenderly. 

Well done, Glee writers, well done.

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Dee said...

This was a much better episode, though I wasn't keen on the songs because I really don't like West Side Story.

Rachel and Finn are still vom, I'm sorry. Coach Bieste though - OMG, I LOVE HER. She breaks my heart.

Blaine getting drunk on one beer, lol. I don't like the fact that he left his old school - as if he would have chucked in his prestigious private education to go and hang out in some crap factory (where there never seem to be any classes) just to be with his boyfriend. And as if his parents would have let him! I want him to go back to the other school - it's like Big Gay Al's School Of Fabulousness and we need to see more of it.

I was so excited when Dave showed up, but I fear we have seen the last of him as that seemed to be closure for his story line. SAD FACE. I want him back. :-(

Oh, and I liked how the loss of virginity wasn't treated as OMG 100% BAD - that Tina had a positive story was a nice change from the usual teen shows where there are always CONSEQUENCES.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I know, the virginity thing was treated in a mature way. I was worried it would become a bit like the way it's explained in Mean Girls: "If you have sex, you WILL get pregnant. And die. Now, everybody take some rubbers."

I really hope we see more of Karofsky. I think there's a little bit of his story left to tell.