Monday, January 25, 2010

Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion

The SAG Awards dresses were A LOT better than the Golden Globes last week, which is weird. I don’t know what was going on with people’s stylists last week – maybe the rain in LA was clouding people’s judgements. Anyhoo, here are my fashion picks for the SAGs after the jump (I totally just typed after the hump….That could have been really weird).

First off, let’s talk about all the RED. RED was clearly the celebrity pick I couldn’t be happier. Nothing is more gorgeous than a kick ass RED DRESS, which always must be written in caps because I feel like when you see a girl in a RED dress that’s all your brain says when you look at her: “RED RED RED!” So here are some of the good and not so good RED numbers:

The Red Awards:

Bonnie Somerville: This is pretty. I love the silver tones underneath the sheath and it’s a solid choice.

Carey Mulligan: This starts out ok, but it kind of looks like a small child is standing behind her having a temper tantrum and clinging to the back of it, hence the twisting around the side at her knees. Even she looks like she thinks there’s a small child screeching at her from behind. Also, a necklace would not go astray here.

Christina Hendricks: Once again, she gets the Sex Bomb award, only this time her boobs are not threatening to escape. It’s simply cut and clingy, with a nice one shouldered bow. This is one of my top picks for the night.

Courtney Ford: The deeper RED shade is lovely and I like the rouching on the bodice, but I think the bottom starts to get a little saggy-baggy-let’s start some pregnancy rumors.

Mariah Carey: This is the other Sex Bomb Award for the night. Mariah looks fabulous and fresh, and it’s another simply cut dress that clings in the right places. Although she loses points because one of her boobs does look like it’s making a run for it, but luckily her gorgeous side-swept ‘do partially hides it

The rest of the awards:

The Cute Award:

 Anna Kendrick: This photo doesn’t do the colour of her dress justice. On camera it was a slightly darker shade of purple and it looked lovely on her. The neckline is much more open than her Golden Globes dress and she looks casual and relaxed. Her Twighligh co-star K.Stew should take note – this is how you do formal events.

The Elegant Award:

Christina Applegate: I love this. Love, love, love this! It’s classy, it’s elegant, and she looks so demure and sophisticated. Just perfect.

The You Finally Got it Right Award:

Diane Kruger: Like Anna Kendrick, this dress is much more open at the neckline than her Golden Globes number. The colour is lovely on her, the one-shoulder is interesting and her hair and accessories (including Pacey Whitter) are perfect accompaniments to finish the look off nicely.

The Your Dress Looks Better from Side On Award:

Drew Barrymore: This looked so lovely from side on that I first thought she was captured turning in it. When I had a look at it from front on though, I realised the hemlines actually stick out like that when she is not in motion. It’s kind of like when you had dress up day at school and you wanted to go as Pippi Longstocking/Raggedy Anne/Little Bo Peep and your mother pulled apart a coat hanger and threaded it through the hem of your skirt to make it pop out all day. So I guess this is the couture version of that? Coat hanger  Couture! Nice colour though.

Sidenote: Did anyone else find her acceptance speech totally fake and pretty much an exact copy of her Golden Globes speech? I know most of them were pretty much the same since most of the same people won, but Drew’s seemed especially put-on.

The Best Print Fabric Award:

Jennifer Westfeldt: I love this – slightly oriental fabric in gorgeous shades of navy and black. It looks really beautiful. One shoulder dresses definitely seem to be coming back in.

The You’re Slowly Getting There Award:

Jenna Fischer: The colour looks great and the beading on the bust is really pretty. Her hair and make up look great and she’s pulled the look together well. I think Jenna is finally making progress on the red carpet.

The I Kind of Wore the Same Dress at the Golden Globes Last Week and I Hope No One Notices:

Jessalyn Gilsig: The colour is really great, but the style is so similar to what she wore last week. I think this version is better though, because when I look at her I don’t want to reach into the computer screen, grab hold of the dress at either side of her bust and yank that sucker up about five inches, so that’s good.

The You’re Not As Bad Ass As You Think You Are Award:

Kate Hudson: She looks great in white, there’s no denying that, and I love her hair, but the high neck line makes her shoulders look boxy and about 2 metres wide. Her scowl at the camera is so unappealing and I want someone to tell her she’s not as bad ass as she thinks she is (preferably Sophia Loren: “Darlink! Why you no smiling? It’s the SAAAAG Awards! No one cares about you!”)  Also, I feel like she’s worn this (or something similar before), but maybe I’m just thinking of Hilary Swank’s navy blue backless Oscars gown from a few years ago?

The Your Dress Looks Better on Camera Award:

Sandra Bullock: In photos, this looks very 80s and boring. On camera though, the blue sparkles like a mofo and she looks so elegant. I’m torn over this one.

The I Feel Like I’m Wearing a Petticoat Award:

Vera Farmiga: Oh Vera. You’re so pretty. Why do you choose these drab, boring dresses and pile on the make up? WHY? This colour makes your skin tone seem so dull and the make up is really all wrong. Someone get this lady a better stylist in time for the Oscars please.

The Best Dressed Award:

Lea Michele: This green is incredible on her olive skin. The soft ruffles at the front are so lovely and feminine, and her hair and make up are casual and elegant. She looks comfortable and stylish without seeming like she tried too hard to appear that way. My favourite of the night.

But wait!

The Bad Ass Old Lady Awards:

Sophia Loren: The dress is so Italian and I can’t believe how great her figure is. She looks like she would simultaneously slap you across the face and offer you a glass of Ouzo at the same time.

Helen Mirren: So glamorous and sexy. The metallics are fabulous, and the necklace and wrap she’s paired finish the dress of perfectly. She looks great (and she knows it).

Betty White: I can’t find a good picture of it, but did you all see the slit in her skirt that went up to her mid-thigh? I hope when I’m 88 I have the courage and bod to wear the same thing!

Also, if I could please look like Penelope Cruz that would be great kthxbye.

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the Green Dress. Good observation about Kate Hudson...she's totally not a bad ass...And didnt mention that she's had work done! Her face is expressionless..just like her acting in All About Steve...

Julia R said...

I don't know, I think Sandra Bullock still looks pretty natural - she's always had great skin. To me it doesn't look like she's had much done at all.

Thanks for the comment and for reading!