Friday, January 8, 2010

People's Choice Awards - Fashion Post

The People's Choice Awards were on yesterday and I've only just now had time to look at the pics. I was a little underwhelmed by the fashion - there was nothing too risky and nothing too stand-out for me. But there were a few things of note, so here are some of my own fashion winners and losers.....

The I Expected More From You award: Kate Walsh

The woman has great legs, and this dress definitely shows them off well, but the dress itself is meh. The metallics are great on her, but the high neckline and the long sleeves, coupled with her hair being pulled back make the outfit seem a bit blah. get rid of the sleeves, lower the neckline and give her a tousled, bed-head of curls and this could have been a winner.

The Should Have Gone Up A Size award: Jessica Alba

I think it's the cap sleeves that are putting me off. They make the dress look a little too low on her and the sweetheart neckline looks a bit wonky, sort of like one her boobs is lower than the other. Also, the layer over her hips is a tad unflattering, given how much of a skinny minny she is. I know she has a young child and all, but putting a bit of mousse or something in her hair would have looked infinitely better than the limp, slept-on look she has going on.

The I Want To Love This, But something's Not Right award: Sandra Bullock

Her hair looks gorgeous and the simple, straight style works for her, but the dress itself is a little boring. It looks a bit too much like the cushion covers on grandma's couch. If it had been a silk or satin in a rich jewel tone like indigo or ruby red this would have worked wonders. Cute shoes though.

The Sassy gal award: Ginnifer Goodwin

I am deeply envious of girls who can crop their hair and look adorable no matter what they're wearing - Ginnifer Goodwin is that girl. Although the stripes on the dress look like borderline-waistcoat material, the slightly askew cut of the dress and the one shoulder with the giant flower somehow work for me. The ruffle at her bust perks up the neckline and the shoes are solid without being too much of a statement. She looks like the girl you meet in the bathroom who offers you a sip of the Smirnoff miniature she has stashed in her clutch. Someone needs to tell her it's okay to smile at the cameras though.

The Killer Bod award: Camille Winbush

I don't really know who Camille Bush is (IMBD tells me she's been in a bunch of stuff, most recently The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which I haven't seen), but she looks ab-so-LUTE-LY stunning. The colour is gorgeous on her, the cut is flattering and just shy of too-tight territory and she doesn't quite fall into the category of the awful Smushed Boob Condition many succumb to on the red carpet. The length is perfect on her and she has let the dress speak for itself with delicate shoes and little to no accessories. This whole look is a total winner in my book.

The Honorable Mention: Olivia Wilde

This is nice enough, but lift the hemline to her knee, or just above it, and it would become one of my favourites for the night.

The This is Wrong award: Kaley Cuoco

Her hair looks like a nineties multiple pig tail thing, which I'm sure was not the look she was going for, and her dress looks like pleather. Pleather is a definite no-no for the red carpet, unless you work in adult films. Close up pictures show me that her make up looks great, but the look just...doesn't work. If the dress was satin with  patent leather edging I think things would have been much more pleasing for everyone.

The Best Dressed award: Taraji P. Henson

I love this - in a sea of metallic and black dresses this pastel number is gorgeous. The draping hangs on every curve in exactly the right way, and the one shoulder with the diagonally opposite gather at the hip is so flattering. Definitely my pick of the red carpet.

I'm wondering what direction people will go in for the Golden Globes. There were a lot of metallic numbers at the People's Choice Awards, including these white ensembles:

As always, I'd love to see a lot of colour on the red carpet at the Globes, but I guess time will tell.

So, what were your thoughts on the fashion yesterday?

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