Monday, January 11, 2010

In The Bag

I love post-Christmas sales. They seem to last for ages, which is beneficial if you get crowd-rage like me and avoid them like the plague for about 10 days after they've actually started. I will often wait about two weeks before I attempt returning to a major shopping centre after December 25th, and when I do I spend a couple of hours browsing without actually picking anything up. I'm the sort of shopper who never finds anything when she is looking.

So, of course, last Friday on a whirlwind visit to the Direct Factory Outlets, aka DFO, to look for a pair of shoes identical to the ones I had been coveting on my sister's feet naturally I could not find them. Sold out, in every nice colour in my size. Boo.

Dejected and with no silver, strappy flat sandal to my name, I wandered into a shop I normally avoid like the plague because of all the pretty, pretty things. Kate Hill sells handbags, jewllerey, wallets and more handbags. It's the handbags that I long for, in their pretty colours and sensible sizes. They also have the most stylish carry-alls for traveling, and I momentarily paused in front of them. But alas, I have no immediate travel plans, and so I turned, ready to leave the shop.

But. But! I saw something hanging up high that I had been searching for. A rich, jewel-toned handbag, with exactly the right shoulder strap length, with just enough zippers and studs (ie. barely any), and with suspiciously correct dimensions. I pulled it down from the rack and immediately felt happy. It was faux-patent leather. It was turquoise. It was perfect.

And it was marked down from $99.95 to $39.95. Score!
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