Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I’ve never been a fan of using a diary or day planner. Until last year, I never needed one – I just remembered things and that was that. Then 2008 came along and I had appointments coming out of my - well, let’s just say I had a lot of appointments. Appointments for the wedding, appointments for looking at houses and then for things to do with buying the house and I needed to keep track of them. So I relented and bought my first diary and it served me well. It was functional and the right size for my handbag and it was pink. Pink! Colour is very important to me when buying boring everyday items so that when I use them I don’t feel depressed about having such an unexciting item in my handbag. So, the end of 2009 rolled around and I realised that I should probably purchase a diary for 2010.

This is the kikki.k 2010 A6 Cute Diary which is currently retailing at $24.95AUD. The size is perfect for my handbag without creating too much bulk, and I have no doubt that if I had a boring, black diary my life would seem dull and monotonous.

The trademark kikki.k cute pictures and colourful design make me feel like my life is fun and fancy free when I’m flicking through it, even though the pages are mostly empty at the moment (It’s only January 4th okay? I have plans, I swear!) and at the back of the diary there is a “My Pages” section for me to write notes on websites, movies, places to visit and a bunch of other stuff. Plus, if you suffer from the curse of ginormous, round handwriting like me, you’ll find ample space to fit your bubbly scrawl.

The back also features a colourful address book which has its own thin cardboard cover that can be removed at the end of the year and inserted into next year’s diary, which I think is very handy – there’s nothing worse then not having an address and only being able to recall the suburb someone lives in and what their kitchen table looks like because you accidentally threw out last year’s diary with all the important addresses. Not very helpful when you need to post them a birthday card.

It’s definitely worth purchasing – the cuteness alone sells it for me! Pin It

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