Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Fashion....


There was a lot of colour on the red carpet, which I LOVE. My winners, losers and general snarky comments are after the jump.....

The Blah awards

Jennifer Garner: so drab. The colour does nothing for her and the cut is really, really boring.

Chloe Sevigny: The colour is kind of drab and although I appreciate what the ruffles are trying to do, they just end up engulfing her and distracting me from the rest of the dress. Also, the bitchface doesn't really help her state her case.

Fergie: This colour is lovely on her, but it looks both one size too small and also too much like a prom dress. She still continues to do nothing with her hair. Fergie, just because you're a brunette now doesn't mean you have to have it out All. The. Time. It's okay to tie it up. Can I suggest some sort of low, side chingnon?

The boring black awards

Despite all the colour, there was a LOT of black this year. None of them really stood out for me.

Courtney Cox: Her hair looks fab. The rest? Snoozeworthy. Even David Arquette seems distracted by something better.

Vera Farmiga: The fish tail dress doesn't really suit her. Also , why doesn she have soooo much eye make up on? She's so pretty, but the racoon eyes really close her face off.

January Jones: WTF is with the headband? I think this could have been a great dress if she lost the Alice band and cut the dress off just below the knee so it became more of a cocktail dress - she seems a bit lost in the full length black gown, although there's no real chance of losing her with that abomination on top of her hair STARING AT ME.

The I Get What You're Trying to Do, But Someone Else Did It Better award

Diane Kruger: This is just wrong. The colour is nice in theory, but the flowery, ruffle thingies are just not right. And she suffers from the opposite of Fergie's hair problem - she could really do wonders with her hair loose. I feel like every time I see her she has her hair pulled back too tightly. Anyway, back to the dress: Diane, nice try with the pink, but someone else did it better.

Lauren Graham: This is how to do hot pink. The satin is a dangerous choice, but Lauren's dress has a nicer, cleaner cut than Diane's and the bodice design is really flattering, with a little bit of detail on one side that is subtle. SUBTLE, Diane, SUBTLE. This is the key.

The Pretty Award

Maggie Gyllenhaal: This was not what I would expect Maggie to wear, but she looks lovely. Soft and feminine, and interesting without being too busy.

Kristen Bell: This was a little more casual, but the white is so fresh on her. The cut of the dress is the perfect length and the wrap up, cross over in the middle of it is really funky.

 The I Accidentally Wore my Dress Bag Instead of My Dress award

Julianne Moore: I do not what the hell is going on here but it is not good.

The Sex Bomb award

Christina Hendricks: This dress clings in all the right places. Hooray for ladies with curves and pale skin! Although one of her boobs is higher than the other, but she still looks gorgeous.

Olivia Wilde: This dress is simple, but it really suits her and she looks amazing. Definitely my favourite of all the metallic numbers.

And there concludes my fashion hits and misses. Until the Oscars, my dears.
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