Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glee Highlights - Season 3, Episode 13: Heart

One thing I love about Glee's seasonal episodes is that they really commit to the theme - the sets, the costumes, I love it.

This episode was okay in my book. A few mediocre moments, but mostly enjoyable. So, let's get stuck into the highlights!

Rachel's Dads
I love that we finally met Rachel's dads. And that "honesty, respect, dance" are the foundations of the Berry family!

Teen Jesus
So this kid is also from The Glee Project? And I'm guessing he's replacing the Irish kid, since he seems to be leaving the show, based on his (boring) storyline? Hopefully this guy's story is more interesting than poor Rory's, which was a total snore-fest.

Artie's Solo - Let Me Love You
Not my favourite song in the world, but I loved this throw back to nineties boy band dance moves. So awesome!

Stereo Heart
I loved the choral backing for this song - it really added some oomph to the number. Sometimes I wish I had a choir on call to help me make everyday moments a million times more exciting. Although I would need to learn to sing properly first.....

Rory - Home
SNORE. Seriously, the writers really didn't give much to this character, even when he sang, and now he's leaving. Does anyone even care? I feel like he was shoehorned in for no real reason other than Fox's contractual obligation to him. 

Mercedes - I Will Always Love You
I really wasn't feeling this. Don't get me wrong, Amber Riley did a nice job, but something about it just didn't hit the right amount of feeling for me. Although it was nice to see how much it touched Sam. I think Mercedes and Sam probably have the most well thought out plot at the moment. Why can't the writers devote that much time to all the other stories?

Karofsky's Confession
Like a lot of other plot lines, this secret admirer arc has basically come out of nowhere. I would have liked to have seen this slowly appear over the past few episodes. I also know what happens in the next episode and I'm interested to see how they handle Karofsky.

Rachel's Bathroom Freakout
I love that hers and Finn's parents are in cahoots to try and get them away from the marriage idea, but what I love more is Rachel's reaction to Finn confessing that he needs to poop in her pristine bathroom after the big meal. Rachel, honey, if pooping in the same bathroom as your husband-to-be is a problem, then you are in for a BIG shock when you get married. Pooping is the least of your worries, my dear. 

Love Shack
This is on my top five most hated songs list, but I appreciate how kitsch and cute it was in the context of the show. And this shot of Finn getting totally into it made me laugh. A lot. It's classic, goofy Finn and I love it!

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