Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Friday Links

I thought time would go a bit slower now that I'm on maternity leave, but I've been so busy that the weeks are flying by. My due date is now two weeks away and I'm trying to do a lot of things I know I won't have time to do for a while once the baby is born (or NEVER AGAIN if some people are to be believed - did you know that once you have a baby you'll never be able to get a manicure/pedicure/hair cut/read a book/etc EVER AGAIN? It's chilling, I tell you).

Anyway, I have had time to find a few fun links, because what's a Friday if you don't have something online to procrastinate with?

- This is just silly fun, but as a Friends fan I had to include it - a Tumblr dedicated to Chandler Bing dancing on things.

- Have a look at these photos and read the interview with the photographer who photographs a vision impaired school's prom each year. If you don't get a bit emotional while reading it, then you are DEAD INSIDE.

- Mad Men is back, yay! So we can expect to see it on Australian free to air TV in about two years, I guess? Hopefully not. But in the meantime, have a look at this list of Los Angeles filming locations used by the show to look like New York in the 60s.

- So many celebs have Twitter accounts these days, so you have to wonder how often they check to see who's talking about them. Jimmy Kimmel not only makes them check, but he makes them read out the mean Tweets people are writing about them. Hilarious.

Happy weekend everyone! Seen anything else cool online? Let me know in the comments!
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