Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glee Highlights post - Episodes 10, 11 and 12!

So, so behind with Glee. I've been watching, but just haven't had the time to update my blog. So tragic.

But the upside to this is that you get a bumper highlights post! So let's get started, shall we?

Episode 10: Yes/No

Mercedes and Sam's Ode to Grease

Apparently they filmed this at the school that was used in Grease as Rydell High. It was a cute homage to Grease, but I think it was kind of out of context.
 Becky's Inner Voice
So awesome that it was voiced by Helen Mirren. I wonder who would do my inner voice? With my luck it would end up being someone horribly nasal like Fran Drescher. Anyway, the whole Becky storyline was sweet and well written. And kudos to Artie for telling off the New Directions for their horribly shallow attitude towards him going out on a date with her.

Emma's Solo
I like that Emma is getting more screen time - at the end of last season she was basically non-existent as a cast member. This solo was cute, and having Sue and Coach Beiste sing back up while wearing imitations of the Beatrice and Eugenia's wedding fascinators was awesome.

Moves Like Jagger
This was great, but I continue to feel like they don't give Mike Chang's fantastic dancing enough screen time. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Finn's Dad
I think the family scenes between the Hudsons and Hummels are some of the best written scenes in the show. Finn's mother's confession was heartbreaking, and I like that Finn is struggling with his post-high school plans.

The Very First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
This was beautiful. Not a great proposal song because the GUT-WRENCHING emotion, but it was lovely. And Lea Michele was great in her scenes, particularly the one at Breadsticks when Finn declared he had nothing special in his life. The look on her face was fleeting, but perfectly done.

Coach Roz
Figgins better watch out. There's a new staff member in town and she is rocketing up my favourite brutally honest staff member chart.

Without You
This. Was. Stunning. Lea Michele really hit it out of the park, and the arrangement was just gorgeous. Also, the chemistry between Lea Michele and Corey Monteith is really heating up, which totally supports the rumors that they're dating in real life. Regardless of their involvement off set, I really, really loved this number.

Will's Proposal
I really hate this Rihanna song. But add some synchronised swimming, adorable retro bathing suits and bright red lipstick, and I'm sold. This was too cute for words! Seriously, does anyone know where they got those bathers from? They look sort of like the stuff from Pin Up Girl Clothing, but it's not on the website.

Finn's Proposal
Dear Finn/Glee writers/the universe: Please, please do not let Finn and Rachel stoop to such a sucky plot development and get married. Please, please, please don't do this.

Episode 11: Michael

Want to Be Startin' Something
This was a great, punchy number to open the show. The choreography and styling was really well done.

Bad - Sing OFF!

This whole scenario make me laugh. It was like a bad eighties movie challenge. Let's meet in an underground car park and have a SING OFF. Best singers win. Worse singers.....just go home? Although weasel faced Sebastian mixed it up a little by using a slushie as a weapon.

Mercedes and Sam - Human Nature
Please, please get back together. PLEASE??? They have such a nice, subtle chemistry.

This might just be the slickest styling Glee has ever had. Artie was amazing, but once again I feel short-changed with the lack of focus on Mike Chang's dancing. I get that it was Artie's fantasy, but seriously. You have Harry Shum, Jr. doing a Michael Jackson number and you don't give him 80% of the screen time? COME ON.

Rachel Breaks Down
Lea Michele was great in this scene. She's getting some good material lately. Kurt's reaction was just lovely as well. I would totally watch a spin off of the two of them in New York being fabulous and emotional and reaching stardom.

I'm so glad they included this song in the episode. That is all.

Quinn - Never Can Say Good Bye
Besides the fact that Dianna Agron looked STUNNING in this number, I felt like this was a little symbolic ditty to help close up Quinn's time at McKinley. It was sweet and heartfelt and I quite enjoyed it.

Sing Off Number 2 - Smooth Criminal
First, we must note how hard Santana rocks a black fedora. Second, we must note how much the guys from 2 Cellos rock the SHIT out of their, well, cellos. Third, we must acknowledge what a cool number this was.

Rachel Says Yes
GOD. Seriously, Glee Writers. Please, please. PLEASE DON'T GO THERE.

Sebastian is Busted
I believe the phrase is "You're going dooooooooowwwwnnnn."

Episode 12: The Spanish Teacher

Not much to see here - just a gratuitous Figgins pic.

David Martinez Elicits a Reaction
I loved the camera cuts to the female reactions to the Spanish teacher. It was quick, but hilarious.

Coach Roz is Blunt
I loved her outraged "With whose vagina?!" comment when Sue revealed her baby plans. I really, really hope Coach Roz sticks around. Sidenote: apparently this is one of the Real Housewives? Huh.

Finn and Kurt
Yes, please continue to talk Finn out of this crazy marriage idea. It's so obviously a ploy to get him to tag along with Rachel's plans and I hate it. I get that he's floating a bit aimlessly, but I might lose my mind if they actually go through with this wedding.

Sue's Acknowledgment of Will's Good Nature
I don't know that I'd agree that Will always came back at Sue with kindness, but this was a surprisingly nice moment that I really didn't expect from Sue Sylvester. Kudos to the writers for managing to surprise me.

Mercedes and Sam
The excitement with which they both burst into the hallway to talk to each other made me SURE this was the moment they were going to reunite. And they didn't! These writers sure know how to drag this out. Come ooooooon. Get back tooooooogether!

Santana - La Isla Bonita
Much as I don't really care for Ricky Martin, this number was super sexy. But it wasn't sexy in an overtly obvious way, which made the number even better.

 So, now we're back on track for weekly updates (I hope)! Your thoughts on these episodes?

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Hannah said...

I was sucked back into Glee when people on facebook started saying it was getting better. Didn't think much of the two episodes covered here, although liked elements (Smooth Criminal) and laughed hysterically at others (Ben? WTF?). I find that my hatred of Finn and Rachel grows with each episode, but I did like The Spanish Teacher (is there something wrong with me that I only started finding Ricky Martin hot when he came out?) :P

I thought the Karovsky (no idea of spelling) storyline was done really well... but I guess your comments on that are to come :)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, I haven't seen the Karovsky ep yet - I'm guessing that airs tonight or next week on Channel 10? I'm watching them on free to air rather than online.

I haaaate the Finn/Rachel marriage storyline, but the upside is that those two actors have had really great chemistry lately.

Dee said...

I have finally given it up - I just can't stand a moment more of it. I didn't even watch the Karofsky one and I love him - that's how over it I am.

That said, I did love the Mike Chang/Artie number, but I agree with you about them not showcasing Mike's dancing skills effectively.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I think a lot of people are coming close. It's a shame the studio doesn't keep a closer reign on the shoddy continuity - there's potential for some great writing, but I feel like no one is telling Ryan Murphy to stop destroying his own show with crappy plot developments. Such a shame.

Hannah said...

Ugh, alas, I cannot find anything good in Rachel and Finn. Unless I see their chemistry as a perfect match of boredness. :P

P.S. The Karov/fsky (no idea how to spell it) storyline I'm referring to isn't the one in Heart, by the by. I'm scared you'll think less of me if you think I was referring to the Valentine's ep. :P