Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Friday Links

So it's Winter now? Or is it? Melbourne clearly has no idea, because the weather this week has been all over the shop. I kind of love it. Except when I've just hung washing out and it suddenly starts POURING and then I get totally FURIOUS.

But enough weather chat. Let's look at some links, sha ll we?

- First of all, I made a pretty big announcement yesterday - did you see it?

- Les Chats Ninjas! (Translation: The Ninja Cats). They are the most discreet spies in the world. Trust me.

- Animals with British accents. There's nothing else really to say. Mostly because I'm laughing too much at the gorilla farting.

- Barack Obama is a cool dude. Read this and watch the short video.
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Keren said...

Love the videos! What is it about British accents that makes things so much funnier? We have an ongoing joke among our friends where one of us will randomly start yelling out "Allen, Allen, Allen ..." - makes us laugh every time (and I'm sure makes people wonder how old we really are :)).

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Cheezy, I know - British accents make all things funnier!