Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion Hits and Misses

Yay, award season is here! And what better way to kick off the Boredom Abounds By Julia fashion hits and misses posts with the award ceremony where celebrities get drunk on camera. Woot!

It was so kind of Madame Tussauds to loan out their Angeline Jolie wax figure for the evening.

She really adds to the formality of the occasion with her "Bitch, please" expression, no?
(That being said, she does look FIERCE. I love the pops of red)

The Age Appropriate Award - Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland

I'm so, so glad Modern Family's Ariel Winter wore something much more age appropriate than her Emmys dress from last year. Yes, the skirt is a little frou frou, but the colour is gorgeous, the bodice is nicely fitted and for a thirteen year old, she looks very pretty.

Sarah Hyland's nude lace number is also lovely on her. It's a tad sexy, but in an understated way, and the black lace breaks up what could have been a dull, nude strapless gown.

The Two Tone Award - Claire Danes

I like what she was aiming for here, but I think Michelle Williams did it much better last week. Your thoughts?

The Hooray, You Didn't Wear Black Award - Juliana Marguilies

Seriously, she didn't wear black! It's such a pretty shade, and unusual for the red carpet, and while it's quite a plain style, I'm just happy she's in a colour. See, Juliana, colour is good. GOOD.

The Curvy Lady Award - Octavia Spencer

The draped fabric is so flattering. SO flattering. She looks elegant and stylish and it's just perfect on her.

The Almost Table Cloth Award - Dianna Agron

I love that Dianna went with such a bright red, it feels unusual for her. But she does tend to favour things that slightly resemble tablecloths. And the bodice kind of looks like her boobs are bursting into flames but politely stopping at her collarbones so as not to ruin her hair and makeup. I'm really undecided about this, but I suspect I'm going to land on the side of "um....no."

The Yellow Award - Paula Patton and Maria Maria Menounos

Paula's dress would have been totally boring to me if it wasn't for this fantastic shade of yellow. Although can we please also discuss what the lady in the background is wearing? Is it a dressing gown lined with fur? What the hell?

I don't usually feature the TV hosts who arrive three hundred hours before everyone else so they can get their photos taken before shoving their microphone in everyone's faces, but this dress on Maria looks really adorable. The style is hard - not everyone can carry off cap sleeves, but Maria does it beautifully. The slight sparkle adds a nice dimension and she looks so elegant, but the yellow adds some fun. Very pretty.

The Frumpy Award - Emily Watson

There is a lot wrong with this. A LOT. First, her necklace is too close to the shade of the dress and is totally lost against the fabric. Second, the nude colour itself is way, way too close to her skin tone and she looks naked up the top. Third, the style of the bodice is so unbelievable unflattering. Her bust is emphasised in all the wrong ways, and it's just really, really bad.

The Stepped Outside the Box Award - Zooey Deschanel

Even though it's fairly normal for her to go slightly left of centre, I think she's done it well here. The green gives the dress a slightly retro feel and it's a lot better than what I was expecting from Zooey.

The Disappointing Award - Sarah Michelle Gellar

I am so happy that Sarah is back on TV and her show is doing well. I am less happy, however, that she decided to wear a tie-dyed bedspread from the nineties as her gown. Pairing it wil such severe hair and makeup was also a mistake, and this is a huuuuuge disappointment for me.

The Redhead in Red Award - Emma Stone

Okay, so there weren't any other redheads in red there, but I love the softness of this style on Emma. The plunging neckline isn't giving the whole shop away and the different shade at the side gives it a bit of a kick. Thumbs up!

The Ice Skating Costume Award - Lea Michele

Besides the fact that this is something I think either a figure skater or a middle aged soap star would wear to the Daytime Emmys, I just think this is way too busy. I do love silver on her, but there is just SO MUCH going on in the bodice and sleeves. Also, how does it stay in the right places. What if she twists around and her boob becomes visible? Also, I just know that I could never wear something with that much netting without tearing it in about five seconds.

The Toned Down Award - Heidi Klum

I love seeing Heidi in something that isn't split up to her crotch or with a four hundred foot train. This is so relaxed and she looks comfortable in it. The pop of the turquoise beads finishes it off nicely.

The NAILED IT Award - Helen Mirren

Perfection. Yes?

The Ice Queen Award - Tilda Swinton

I normally don't like Swinton's choices. Not even in an "She's so awesome her backwards tuxedo and tartan breastplate are faaaaabulous with those clogs" kind of way (unpopular, I know). I think she wears boring, utilitarian couture that is totally uninteresting. This however? I LOVE. It's so cool and collected, yet totally bad ass.

The Best Dressed/Sparkle Award - Laura Dern

Stunning. Totally and completely stunning. That is all.

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Dee said...

I can't warm to evening gowns with long sleeves. They just look weird to me.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I'm the opposite, I love a good sleeve (when done correctly)!

Nat said...

I'm pro sleeve when done right.

I thought it was such a meh effort overall at the GGs. The Oscars better BRING IT.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Nat, I know, it was a bit of a bore-fest. The SAGs and the Oscars better be awesome!

Moira said...

My favorite was Nicole Richie. I thought she looked classy and elegant.

I know everyone loved Octavia Spencer, but I hated it! I hate the color it's too light, and the sleeves cut her arms off at the wrong spot accentuating her bat wings. Also the hip ruching, no no no.

I also didn't like Jessica Biel, Frida Pinto and Piper Perabo.