Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 SAG Awards - Fashion Hits and Misses

I did not realise how close the SAG Awards were to the Golden Globes, so thank goodness Twitter alerted me to the red carpet arrivals that had just started. Otherwise I would totally have forgotten to pour over the images last night.

I suspect Rose Byrne may also want to forget everything about this look.
Rose, the 1970s called. Even they don’t want this look back.

I bet Anna Wintour is fuming and throwing three thousand dollar couch cushions around in her office at Vogue because of Rose’s copycat bob.

The Top Heavy Award - Octavia Spencer

She did so well at the Golden Globes. This is really blah in comparison. That style of neckline does nothing for large busted ladies, the colour is meh and the bottom half looks like she wrapped a towel around her waist while she ran from the bathroom to her bedroom to get dressed...but somehow she just forgot to remove the towel before leaving the house.

The SO MUCH BETTER Award – Kelly Osbourne
Kelly did the opposite to Octavia. She chose a really odd dress for the Globes, but she nailed it for the SAGs. The style is so simple, but the high neckline and embellished shoulders frame her face nicely, and the soft draping and tie around the waist add a contemporary feel to a lovely gown. Easily my favourite white gown of the night. Although WHAT is with the blonde hair that’s basically grey? Why is this a thing now? I’ve seen women in real life doing it lately and I really, really don’t get it. Why do they want to look like a grandma in their twenties and thirties?

 The Dressing Gown Award - Mayim Bialik

I’m so happy I live in a world where Blossom is back on the red carpet. Although someone should have told her she’s supposed to remove her dressing gown/overcoat before walking the red carpet – she seems to have forgotten to wear a nice dress.

The Age Appropriate Award – Ariel Winter
Although I don’t love this fabric as much as I loved the purple number she wore to the Globes, Ariel looks very cute and once again, the dress is totally age appropriate. Kudos to her styling team.

The Muppet Award – Kaley Cuoco
PLEASE, GIRL. GET A BETTER STYLIST. You should never look like you killed a Muppet to make your dress. And the head braid? So doesn’t go with this look. A softly curled down ‘do would have saved this ensemble somewhat. I feel like Kaley’s stylist and hair dresser never consult each other and the end result is pretty much always a mess.

The Blue Award – Penelope Ann Miller and Diane Lane
First of all, I wish P. Miller here would go back to being a redhead. Also, I have the strongest memory of watching her in The Year of the Comet when I was younger and can clearly remember the scene when she was in the boat with the guy and it was really foggy and she leans forward and says “This fog is as thick as pea soup. I’ve always wanted to say that!” Anyway, lace was big this year. And I really like the style of this dress, but I kind of wish the blue was slightly less electric and a bit more sapphire. Regardless, I think she looks good and her hairstyle is lovely.

Diane Lane wins the blue stakes for me though. This dress is so simple, but she wears it so well. The side gather with the jewelled clasp gives her a waist (when it could have veered dangerously into shapeless sheath territory) and the soft folds in the skirt give it some character.

The Pink Award – Sofia Vergara
She looks gorgeous. What else is there to say? Although I saw some photos of this dress from side-on and the high pointy side sat really far out from her chest. So, could people just look inside her dress all night? Or did she have some sort of extra fabric covering her? I am spending way too much time thinking about this....I guess I just don’t think, as awesome as this dress is, that a gown should require a gutter around the breasts.

The Not Quite There Award – Michelle Williams
She’s been killing it on the red carpet (for the most part) over the past year. But I find the length of this dress really, really awkward. It’s the kind of length a pre-teen girl would wear to her cousin’s wedding to seem a bit more grown up. But on an adult, it’s just awkward, awkward, awkward. And the matchy-matchy shoes are not helping to sell the look either. If this was a floor length gown I would be ALL OVER IT. But at this length? I can't get on board.

The Surprisingly Good Award – Naya Rivera
This is so fresh and pretty! And there isn’t a bulging side-boob to be seen! Sometimes I find Naya’s red carpet attire a little intense, but this is like a breath of fresh Spring air after a Winter chill that made your eyeballs bleed a bit. Well done!

The Dominatrix Witch Award – Heather Morris
Heather looked SO good last year. This dress....does not. I feel like she walked the red carpet, then left to go to her local coven’s meeting about mini-skirts versus floor length cloaks for next season and what goes better with their broomsticks. I’m voting for floor length cloaks, just based on this dress alone.

The Frumpy Award – Meryl Streep
Ugh. This is just so....UGH. Bulky, unflattering and it makes her look about ten feet wide. Such a bad choice. Also, I think she’s wearing stockings with open-toes shoes. NOOOOOOOOOO!

The FINALLY Award – Jayma Mays

Another gorgeous lady who often gets it slightly wrong. This is stunning. It’s flattering, the sparkles make it interesting, and the lace cut out on the back breaks up the texture a bit. I wonder how much more gorgeous this would have looked if it was a colour, though? Maybe a jewel purple or canary yellow? Your thoughts?

The Elegant Award – Sarah Hyland
This is stunning. The beading is an understated throwback to the 1920s and the cut is simple and cute on her tiny frame. If I saw this in a shop, I would totally buy it for myself.

The So Close Award – Amber Riley
I love that she went with a cocktail length dress after wearing quite a few statement gowns last year. She looks great in black and I love the lace overlay. But honey. You should never, ever gift wrap your boobs for the red carpet.

The White Award – Various People
Judy Greer: It’s a tad Little House on the Prairie Goes to Hollywood for me, and I think the tight belt cuts her torso off at the wrong place. Average.

Juliana Margulies – I don’t know about this. I feel like the floral lace overlay is a little bit too heavy and somewhat shower curtain-esque. And she loses points for wearing yet another strapless gown.

Berenice Bejo – Nice, if a little bit too big. This lace overlay is what Juliana’s should have been – more delicate and subtle.
Zoe Saldana – Wearing a white singlet top under couture is never a good thing. This hangs really badly on her frame and the style just doesn’t do her any favours. I’m disappointed.

Viola Davis – LOVE IT. That is all.

The Worst Dressed Award – Busy Phillips
I’m pretty sure she was there as Michelle Williams’ date. Which is really cool. Not cool? Throwing on your beach caftan and not doing your hair before attending a major award. Bad choices all around, Busy.

The Best Dressed Award – Emily Blunt
This was close (I was *thisclose* to giving it to Jayma Mays), but Emily wins because of the fantastic colour. How often do you see that shade of green in couture? Never! The ruching and bodice fit her beautifully, the slightly darker hair colour is stunning against the colour and the split in the skirt is subtle but sexy without being rammed down our throats (LEA MICHELE). Winner!
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StephR said...

Completely agree re the colour of Emily Blunt's gown. It is STUNNING. Love it to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Agree on best dressed - Emily Blunt - that colour is amazing...and you know it's my favourite colour green! Defintely agree about Busy Phillips...who IS she anyway! Who wears a caftan anywhere but the beach! Alos...great call on Lea Michele...that girl is an idiot!! Emily does it so much better...well done Boredom Abounds (hope you like my sharing of all posts on FB!) A xx

Moira said...

Totally agree, I forgot Diane Lane on my list!!!

Natalie Springhart said...

Mayim wrote about how hard it is for her to find a dress that fits with the rules of tznius last year: http://www.kveller.com/blog/parenting/operation-hot-and-holy/
However, I don't think that this dress really obeys those rules. It's just kind of meh in an ill-fitting way. (It's an interesting read, though.)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

StephR, Emily was easily the best dressed!

Anonymous, thanks for sharing the post!

Moira, Diane Lane has been nailing it, first with her Golden Globes dress and now this one. She just looks lovely!

Natalie, I suspected Mayim would dress according to certain rules, but I still this this dress is not great! Badly fitted and uninteresting!

AMA said...

I just don't get fashion at all!

Anna @ IHOD said...

totally just laughed out loud on your last comment. Love it.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Anna, thank you as always!

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