Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fashion watch - Kate Middleton

When the royal engagement was announced last week, a reader asked me if I would be doing an entry about Ms. Middleton's style over the past few years. To be honest, it hadn't really crossed my mind, because I am in no way, shape or form an avid "royal watcher."

But then I realised that whenever I've seen photos of Kate Middleton, I've admired her outfit - she's always so elegant and so well put together, so I thought why not?

And here we are. A look at the future Queen's (or whatever her title will be once Williams ascends to the throne) fashion.

First up: Casual chic


Cute sundresses, flirty skirts and chic shift dresses, usually accompanied by a cardigan or a jacket and a co-ordinated handbag seem to Kate's fashion go-to for casual events. She's not afraid of colour, but she also knows not to overdo it with heavy patterns or garish shades.


Even at a day out at the races, or an RAF event for William, Kate dresses down appropriately to suit the occasion, while still looking feminine. I just love the preppy cowgirl look she's sporting above on the right. The addition of the silver jewelry dresses up the outfit, but she still looks at home meandering across fields. Oh, and the white coat above on the left? To die for. Every girl needs a white coat in her wardrobe for Winter. It's so crisp and clean, and it goes with practically anything. Which reminds me, I do need to get mine dry cleaned...

Although I think this may be my favourite casual chic look. There's something about black and pale blue combos that look so soft, but the beret and the scarf create such a stylish Parisien-chic look. It's a classic Winter look and she does it so effortlessly. Note to self: buy a beret.
Next up: Striking Elegance


Obviously as a royal family member, Kate is invited to bucketloads of weddings and official events where the attire is much, MUCH dressier than your average backyard barbecue. She knows what styles suit her body type (pencil skirt suit or flowy tea length gowns), but it's the accessories that really complete her ensembles. A pretty floral coat, like the purple one above, and a statement fascinator tipped at exactly the right angle make her stand out in the crowd, looking dignified and feminine. She's also lucky enough to be one of those girls whoo looks like she just casually threw the outift together half an hour before leaving the house, which is a feat not many of us can carry off. The key to that is to look comfortable in what you're wearing, and Kate never looks anything less than cool, calm and collected, which only adds to her star style factor.

Finally: The real reason we know she's ready to be a royal


Girlfriend knows how to rock a hat.

Enough said.

Edited to add: The engagement dress

How could I have forgotten to add this in? My brain, it is elsewhere this week.

I love this dress. LOVE IT. Besides the fact that they co-ordinated with each other and she co-ordinated with her engagement ring, it's just a gorgeous, flattering style. The ruching across the bodice makes her waist seem teeny tiny, while the loose skirt adds an element of relaxed informality to the event. And I love that it's long sleeved. It can be so hard to find formal Winter dresses at the best of times, so I like that she's not wearing a short sleeved gown with a jacket over the top. It's no wonder the Issa London dress sold out in about eighteen seconds right after the press conference aired.

Also, I need her shiny, shiny, perfectly tousled hair. Now. Pin It


Anonymous said...

More more more Kate Middleton! I love her outfits. Please do a part 2!!

Julia R said...

Hee, no worries, I will comb the internet for some more images soon.

Thanks for reading!

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