Monday, December 27, 2010

Beauty Spot - A Merry OPI Christmas

I asked a few people for some OPI nail polish for Christmas to start up a proper nail polish collection, and I received these pretties....

From left to right:
  • Miami Beet
  • The Show Must Go On!
  • Yucatan If V Want
  • La Paz-Itively Hot (Matte)
  • No Spain No Gain
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Heidi said...

I got my nails done recently (I'm a mani/pedi newb) & they used OPI. I must get some myself. I love shades of red. What a great collection you have started!
Heidi xo

Kiki Chaos said...

Great start to your collection! I love Miami Beet... so sultry.

Julia R said...

Heidi, it's definitely worth having a few bottles in your collection. The trouble is which colours to choose!

Kiki, Miami Beet is indeed sultry - the perfect word for it! I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pale bubblegum pink shade to wear.

Melissa said...

I love OPI. I still have my "But I'm not really a waitress" I will use it til it goes bad or runs out.

Julia R said...

OOh, Melissa, that's as great colour! I love that the bottles are so big it seems like they'll never run out.

Kiki Chaos said...

Re a pale bubblegum pink shade, ask the girls on Vogue - they'll know for sure! :D