Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 6: Never Been Kissed

A disappointingly underwhelming episode for me, saved only by a couple of things, so this is less of a 'highlights' list and more of a 'stuff I like and stuff I didn't like' list from the episode.

Here tis:

Mr. Shue's "glasses"

I found these glasses ridiculously amusing. The fact that Mr. Shue would wear "glasses", let alone almost-half-glasses was really, really weird. Considering he marks essays, and reads of bits of paper and the whiteboard all the time without them, this seemed like a really weird costume idea. Kind of like how he "teaches Spanish" but we never see it anymore. He must only ever wear "glasses" when he's "teaching Spanish" off screen. Also, could they have chosen a more old-man pair for him to wear? He just needs to add the chain thing to them to complete the eighty year old man look.

The Artie/Puck alliance

Can we please stop having storylines where Artie behaves like an ass to females? It's getting really tiresome. Surely they could have found a different way to create an "Artie and Puck help each other" storyline without having them both be asses. Although I am glad Artie picked up the cheque at the restaurant.

Dalton Academy's Teenage Dream

It was nice to see a gay kid's fantasy played out for once and I really, really loved this number. It was pure, unadulterated pop music and I adored it. Also, it was nice seeing a straight-up fun musical number without having to go through the sometimes poorly written storyline and high school politics behind it that we see so often with New Directions. Oh, and did anyone catch the kid near the doorway getting really into it? I mean, really, really into it, with the hip shimmies and the flat-palmed hands patting the air in front of him? It cracked me up.

Kurt's mood board

Besides the fact that he made a mood board for the mash ups project (I love a good mood board, especially for interior design inspriation), I love that he is at the centre of it wearing a giant feather head dress. Someone put this kid on a catwalk, please.

Kurt's first kiss

I may be the most dense person on the planet, but I didn't see this coming. I honestly though Kurt was going to get beaten to a pulp. It was a great scene for both actors, and I'm interested to see where this stroryline goes.

The mash ups

The less said about the mash ups the better, in my opinion. In a nutshell I just don't think the song choices were very good. Also, why does Rachel have to have every solo? The girls' mash up would have been so much better if it had been sung by Mercedes or Santana - Rachel/Lea Michele just doesn't have a rock chick voice. Or the moves to go with it. Towards the end of the number I was cringing for her, with the leaning back to screech into the microphone and the crazy eyes as she skipped around. It was awful.

Sue's confetti canons

I would like confetti canons to explode whenever I have something important to say. Like Sue, I also would like someone else to clean the confetti up for me afterwards.

I don't think that's too much to ask. Pin It


petitecarousel said...

The canons were hilarious!

Julia R said...

I know! As soon as that scene was over I told my husband I really wanted confetti canons for important announcements for the rest of my life!