Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 5: The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Disclaimer: I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in it's entirety.
Despite the fact that they came up with sets and costumes awfully quickly, I thought this episode of Glee was really good. It flowed nicely and the storyline was mostly alright. So, here are my highlights from the episode:

The most important highlight: MEATLOAF.

That is all.

Will Schuester, aka Desperado

This isn't so much of a highlight as it is an annoying character trait, but Will's desperation with Emma is getting a little pathetic. You like her, we get it. Stop trying to engineer situations that leave her alone in a room with you. She's with Uncle Jesse now, so just keep a lid on it, okay?

Speaking of Emma, I'm glad she's making a comeback. I've missed her adorable crazy in most of these episodes.

I've also missed her totally adorable outfits. I couldn't find a good capture of it, but I adored the skirt/blouse combo she had in this scene.

Principal Figgins' throwaway lines

I love his office rants. My favourite from this episode was his outraged "I had to bring in a grief counselor!" to deal with Finn's hallway underwear walk. That dude cracks me up.

The costumes

The really nailed it (in my humble opinion anyway).

My favourite costumes were Brittany as Columbia (fantastic) and Kurt as Riff Raff (deliciously creepy).

And there you have it, just in time for the new episode tonight. Somehow we've caught up with the States and we're seeing the latest episode one day later. Woo!
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Hannah said...

Ooh, I love this idea of Glee highlights! Must go see if you've done more ;)

I agree that Will is getting pathetic. In fact, all this season, he's kind of creeped me out. Britney and Figgins never fail to make me laugh, though :D

Julia R said...

Thanks for reading Hannah! I've been doing the Glee recaps each week as it airs, so there are quite a few for you to read.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon (there will be another Glee recap up in a day or so)!