Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beauty Spot: new products

A few weeks ago, my crappy twelve dollar foundation from the supermarket ran out. I was so, so happy because it meant that I could go out and look at pretty things and purchase some actual good quality make up. BUT this also meant I had to foray into one of my most dreaded sections of a department store – the make up counter section.

It’s so hard to browse make up counters without an Overly Tan Woman descending upon me and offering to show me the “latest colours” – did someone invent new colours? I had no idea. I thought we were just sticking with the usual browns and pinks and greens and blues and what have you. Someone better tell Crayola they need to add a few more slots to their crayon case, because those crazy make up people have been inventing new colours without telling anyone. How rude!

Anyway, I got to Chadstone and wandered around the Myer make up section for a little while, hovering from a distance so I wouldn’t be attacked someone whose skin colour became three shades darker somewhere around their jaw line. Here’s a handy hint for the make up ladies working those counters: if colour of the skin on your neck doesn't match your face then you are doing it wrong.

One of the benefits of having two sisters is that their make up cases are like a mini make up counters. I can try without buying and no one bugs me about sampling things I’m not interested in. My younger sister recently bought a concealer that I really liked, so my first stop was the BeneFit counter, where I asked for something called Erase Paste, which is in a little pot about an inch high and an inch wide.
Small, right? But here’s the good news: you just have to touch the little spatula or your fingertip to the surface to get a small amount (and by small, I mean slightly bigger than the head of a pin) on there and then dab it gently onto any blemishes. Seriously, it gives the best coverage I’ve seen – it’s smooth, not too greasy and rubs in within seconds. When I asked for it, the lady asked me what shade I wanted, and of course I replied “Whatever is as white as me.” She said “Ok, so you’re a one.” Yes, I am a one. If one is the same colour as a sheet of white paper, then that is what I am, always and forever. But when she showed me the colour I thought it looked a little bit too orange. Not so – upon dabbing it on my skin, I could see that it matched my skin tone really, really well. And the good thing about this is that even if it doesn’t quite match, it’s a base concealer, so you're going to put foundation (and possibly some powder as well if that’s how you roll) on top of it anyway. You can also use it under your eyes to cover those super sexy shadows that never go away now that you’re over the age of twelve, which is also handy. So, this was my first purchase of the evening, and it was quite reasonable – only $35AUD. Considering the tiny amounts I use each day, I think it will be well worth the money in the long run.

My second stop was the Bloom Cosmetics counter. I recently tried some Bloom mineral eyeshadow for the first time and really liked the quality of their product. So, I perused the foundation section, because although I don’t like to wear a lot of make up, I do like a nice all over foundation to even out my skin tones. And because I have combination skin (oily, then dry, then normal, then oily AGAIN) I like to wear something that feels lighter than air on my face and doesn’t get greasy. Because it was such a small counter, the girl insisted on helping me out and she suggested two products: this mineral tint moisturiser, which she proclaimed to be quite light and non-greasy. As soon as she put it on my skin though, I felt like my pores were clogging up with oil -  the moisturiser part of it was way too oil based for my liking. So I asked what else there was and she pulled out this Liquid Foundation.
She commenced applying it to my face and the most delightful lavender scent filled the air, but dissipated quite quickly because it absorbed into my skin in about half a second. I reached up to touch my cheek and it felt totally normal – there was no oily residue on my fingertips and no wet, just-applied feeling. I was totally sold. This product is a great all-over foundation, and an added bonus is that it’s water based, so it doesn’t feel like an oil slick on your skin, even after a few hours. It is quite light, so ladies who prefer a heavier all over make up might not love it, but for the office or weekend wear it’s the perfect choice. Remember that it only has an SPF of 8 though, so you’ll need a good sunscreen underneath it if you’re going to be outside. But other than that it’s really lovely to wear, and It will only set you back $40AUD, which for a 30ml bottle is quite reasonable.

So, I survived the make up counters and came away having spent less than $100 and completely satisfied with my new purchases. Now I am coveting some new eyeshadows, but that may have to wait a couple of weeks.

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