Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Party time - cake and flowers

We had a big family party over the weekend, a very important birthday for a very important person, and I was able to contribute a few things to the big event: a cake and some flowers.

The flowers were held in a bunch of different sized jars I've been collecting for the last year or so, and I used a pad of scrapbook paper from Spotlight and some scissors that cut in squiggly lines to cover the jars in different patterns. I wanted to also tie some brown twine around the neck of the jars, but ran out of time. 

The cake was a chocolate mud cake and the colours for the party were purple and turquoise, but i couldn't find ready made turquoise fondant, so I thought purple would be nice. I have been wanting to try a large fondant bow for a while now. I am very pleased with the result. The fondant got a bit dry once it was on the cake, but luckily no cracks appeared. I realised it was probably because I used too much cornflour to knead it, so I won't make that mistake again.

Here's the full pic of the cake:

I'm quite pleased with my creative efforts! Pin It


Christine Runci said...

this looks beautiful, and such a large bow would be difficult to perfect. Flowers are lovely as well - very rustic, and the colour scheme is the same as we had for your grade 6 end of year dinner!

Belinda said...

Nice work! That bow looks very impressive! I hope the party was good :)

Unknown said...

It looks amazing! Well done!!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!