Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fun Friday Links

I've been fighting a cold, so the Friday links are a Saturday edition this week! Let's get stuck straight into them, shall we?

- I loved this list of 22 of your Favourite Childhood Style Icons, Revisited. Besides the fact that it's kind of scary how much of this fashion is available RIGHT NOW in shops, I loved how spot on they are with all the characters. Especially Claudia Kishi. Although I think they left off the very important detail of stickers on her shoes, because I remember her doing that on at least one occasion. I think the book where she was accused of cheating on a maths test and the stickers were ocean themed and used on the day when she retook the test? I know, it's sad/amazing how much detail I remember about the BSC. Also, to this day, I still love Cher Horowitz's school wear wardrobe.

- This is from a couple of weeks ago, but it popped up a lot on my Facebook feed, so I thought I'd better post it. Harry Stamps was the dean of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, and this is his obituary. You need to read the whole, thing. The last lines, in particular, are my favourite. I think in my obituary, I want to tell everyone to write to their member of parliament to ask for the repeal of blue coloured drinks. I just don't trust blue. It's not a flavour!

- This piece from NPR is interesting: Are romantic comedies dead? PLEASE, GOD, NO.

- Here is everything Carrie Bradshaw wondered throughout Sex and the City's run. Know what I wondered? How a writer with a teeny, tiny column in a tabloid newspaper could afford not to have any other source of income and still be able to have an apartment on the upper east side on Manhattan, and buy shoes that were $400 a pair. Right? RIGHT?

- Dog photobombs an apartment listing photos. Hilarious.

- Imagine a world without hate, prejudice, and bigotry. Kind of amazing, right?

Happy weekend everyone!

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