Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun Friday Links

Dear October: It's Spring. Would you stop with the gloomy, wet weather already? It's SO BORING. Lucky I had these links and a cute baby at home to keep me entertained.

- If you are a Beverley Hills: 90210 Original Flavour fan, you definitely want to check out this fashion retrospective. The shirts! They're so ugly!

- Still in the 1990s - the cast of Clueless reunites for a quick interview. The first time I ever caught public transport with my friends unaccompanied by adults was to go to the local shopping centre to watch Clueless. I even remember what I wore that day. Man, I was a dork. Sidenote: Christian totally got fat. I can't believe I don't own this movie on DVD.

- I am such a fan of shows like Funniest Home Videos and such where they show montages of stuff going wrong at big, fancy events, say, like at weddings. I could not stop laughing at this montage of wedding fails.

- It's October, so Halloween is coming, which means the internet will be full of best costume ever posts like this one over at Buzzfeed. 27 Halloween costumes that your childhood self would be proud of is awesome - I think number seven is my favourite.

Happy weekend, everyone! Pin It


Hannah said...

Clueless is just utter, utter brilliance. I watched it so many times as a kid!

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