Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glee Highlights - Season 3, Episode 14: On My Way

I really didn't enjoy much about this episode, to be honest. I think there was too much going on and certain story lines really needed to have their own episode. But let's have a look in closer detail, shall we?

Blaine's Solo / Karofsky's Suicide Attempt
I'm not that familiar with Young the Giant, but I did like this song. What I didn't like? The way it was tacked on over the top of Karofsky's suicide attempt.

This was obviously meant to be a serious and chilling event, but with the indie pop blaring over the top and the stilted cutaways to Karofsky preparing to kill himself, I found the whole thing to be way too highly stylised and ultimately totally ineffective. This is the one story line that needed it's own episode (or, hell, even some sort of build up - we go from someone finding out Karofsky's gay to a four minute montage of him trying to end his life. To say this story was rushed would be one of the greatest understatements EVER).

Warblers' Regionals Performance
Obviously we aren't meant to be as wowed by the Warblers now that Blaine isn't a part of the group, but I found this Regionals performance really, really boring. Even the choreography was a snooze.

Finn Cheering
And because I found the Warblers' performance really boring, I found it totally unrealistic that Finn would suddenly get up and start cheering for such a lacklustre performance, and then the WHOLE AUDIENCE also getting up and cheering wildly. It wasn't that great guys. I know life is short and we should all support each other and spew forth with sunshine and rainbows when our former rivals perform on stage, but this was totally not worth the applause it got, in my opinion.

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows Regionals Performance

Although Figgins getting totally into it cracked me up:

New Directions' Regionals Performance
Not my favourite medley, but I did like the mix of R. Kelly and Nicki Minaj - Santana's rapping in particular was kind of awesome.

The cover of Kelly Clarkson's Stronger was also pretty good - zippy, enthusiastic and plain old fun!

The last song, Here's To Us, again is one I'm not familiar with, but regardless of that, I found it to be a bit anti-climactic as a finale number.

Mr. Schue's White Man Dancing
But no matter how much I don't enjoy a performance, I will NEVER not laugh at cutaways to Mr. Schue in the wings digging the performance and doing the white man's overbite. NEVER.

Rachel's Dad
The way Jeff Goldblum delivers the "bring it, bro" line to Burt Hummel in the hallway is the funniest, most unsure challenge to a fight I have ever heard. Also, the deadpan explanation that faking an epileptic seizure would be obviously fake since he doesn't have epilepsy was hilarious. I wish they had featured more in this episode.

Rachel's Wedding Dress
Much as I don't want Rachel and Finn to get married (and I'm betting they don't), I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEED her wedding dress. Perfectly retro, it reminds me a lot of Natalie Wood's white dress at the end of Splendor in the Grass (which I can't find a full length shot of, unfortunately). Gorgeous.

Quinn Texting and Driving
I also totally betting Quinn doesn't die because I took a sneak peak on YouTube at the next episode's trailer and it was totally upbeat and happy and didn't hint at all at the death of one of New Directions most try-hard rebellious members. I think she'll be just fine. Famous last words? We'll see!

I'm disappointed I didn't like this episode more and I hope the next one is way better. Your thoughts?

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Hannah said...

I thought the suicide thing was done fairly well, but then again I'm a bit vulnerable to things like that right now. Also, I was watching this at my parents' place, and as *soon* as there was talk of Quinn racing to get there in time, even before she was shown in the car, I said "she's going to be in a car accident". Which was a stupid thing to say, because then my mum wanted to know what was going on and she's never watched glee, so it was mildly distracting. Man, I'm so bored by this show... Back to Treme I go.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, I just think it was very crammed in to an already full episode. I think it probably needed it's own ep just so it could be a done a bit better. Yes, this season has been a bit flat, hasn't it!

Moira said...

I just think these last few episodes have been terrible. Finn and Rachel are awful, Kurt is awful, it's all just awful!!!

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