Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday Links

Hope you're enjoying the start of the four day weekend! And props to Mother Nature for making the weather gorgeous today in Melbourne. Unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

If you do happen to be working today, or you just want something entertaining to look at online, check out these links:

- 13 simple steps to get your through a rough day. These really are simple steps. And hilarious steps. I think number five is my favourite - that baby looks like it could kick some serious ass.

- Ever wonder what it's like to have a text message exchange with Hillary Clinton? It's basically like this. I love this one the most.

- In 1995 I was thirteen years old. And I watched most of these awesome movies. Especially Clueless and Now and Then. Sweet fancy moses, my friends and I watched those two films over and over and over again. Did you?

- This is a tumblr full of GIFs of how we react to real life situations. It's pretty good. Actually, it's really good. Especially this one. Wait, and this one.

That's it for today - enjoy your weekend and enjoy eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, then pretending that you haven't when someone offers you some more. I know I probably will!
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Sharon said...

Awesome links today! Every one of those made me smile and laugh. :D

I was 15 in 1995, so I remember seeing the majority of those movies in the theatre. They were all SO good! Haha. Clueless and Apollo 13 were (and still are) my favourites of the bunch. I only have them on VHS, though, so I really need to get those on DVD some day soon so I can actually watch them again. Haha. ;)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

I know, I need to start buying them on DVD as well! So many awesome movies!

Anonymous said...

1995 really was a great year for film! Now and Then was a fave of mine too. I watch Clueless every time it's on tv and I never tire of it, takes me right back to being 15.
Melanie B