Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glee Highlights - Season 3, Episode 6: Mash Off

I loved the musical numbers in this episodes. Loved them. The storyline wasn't bad either - some consistency and things seem to be moving forward in a good direction. So, let's take a look at the highlights!

Hot For Teacher
While I haaaaaaate the Puck/Shelby storyline, this number was pure fun. Pure eighties teen movie cheesy. So hilarious.

Kurt's Wardrobe
I know they try to make Kurt a very forward thinking clothes horse, but what the fuck was he wearing in this scene? Is he heading off to a trek through the dessert with a camel? I just....have no words for how bizarre it was.

Sue Sylvester
"Winning is really about poo-flinging." When it comes to politics, truer words were never spoken. Doesn't make the poo-flinging okay, but that's definitely what takes centre stage so close to election day.

Santana is a Bully.
Plain and simple. She's nasty, threatening and incredibly hostile to nearly everyone around her. and always has been. That's a bully and someone needs to call her on it. NOW.

Finn Outs Santana
What Finn did was NOT cool, but one thing that struck me is that Santana's sexuality was probably very much an open secret at the school. She may not be officially out, but I strongly suspect that most of the school already guessed about her and Brittany.

Hall & Oates Mash Up
Awesome! The ruffle skirts, the fluoro pink, the bad hair. LOVED IT! Weirdly, it also really suited Finn, which surprised me.

Adele Mash Up
I didn't think I would like this. But I did. I really, really loved it, actually. The arrangement was wonderful and the girls rocked it.

Santana Slaps Finn
Seriously, lady. You need to stop with this shitty, shitty behaviour. How many people have you publicly humiliated for your own pleasure, repeatedly? That is BULLYING behaviour and an authoritative adult needs to pull her in line ASAP. I still don't think what Finn did was cool, because no one deserves to be outed, but Santana needs a serious reality check so she can realise what a nasty piece of work she is all the time.

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Anna of IHOD said...

Oh my gosh I have sooo much Glee to catch up on!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Anna, it's been quite hit and miss this season so far!

Melinda said...

Isn't Puck so amazingly handsome!?

I love Glee but I am all over the place with Season 3 (and Season 2). I watch one, miss one, watch one, miss two.

Need to buy them all on dvd and have a marathon I think!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Melinda, they're definitely best watched in order, although season 2 was quite all over the place in terms of consistency. Still, a fun way to pass the time on a rainy day!

Dee said...

I thought that thing Kurt was wearing was some kind of homage to Pink, because they were singing some crappy song of hers. Isn't there a video where she is wearing something like that?

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, no there weren't any Pink songs in this ep I don't think, so I don't know why Kurt was dressed like he was trekking through the desert!

Dee said...

Really? All those songs sound the same to me. /old person

In that case, I have no idea why he was wearing that thing.