Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pretty Things: New Make Up

Ahhh, is there anything more satisfying than purchasing brand spankin' new make up? I had my make up done at Mecca in Chadstone a little while ago for the cost of about $80. Of course, I got to take home the equivalent value in product from the shop, and I was in desperate need of new eye shadows. I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to eye shadow colours, but I do like a nice variety of neutrals and soft colours to wear in the office, with a few dramatic shades in the mix for nights out.
As my complimentary product, I chose a Stila refillable 3 pan compact. The compact alone (that is, without any of the colour discs in it) was $25 and each single colour disc was $38 each. Now, $25 for an empty palette is fair enough, because you're going to use it for a long time, but I found the $38 per single colour disc a bit hard to swallow. Particularly afterI checked out the American Stila website and found that they exact same items would have cost me about $50AUD if I'd purchased it overseas. I have since found a couple of online discount make up supplies that stock, among other well-known brands, Stila. When I need the compact refilled I'll be heading to those sites first rather than paying nearly $40 for one colour disc!

But, cost aside, the colours are really lovely. From left to right above, the colours are Barefoot Contessa, Shell and Poise. The brown has a slight bronze in it, and the pink is really soft ad blends in nicely with both of the other colours. The aubergine colour made me a bit nervous, but it's not as dark as it looks in the disc.I often use the pink shade with just one of the other colours at work, but blend all three for a more striking look on weekends. The compact is magnetic, so the discs snap into place inside the palette, and there is little hole underneath each circle so you can pop out the discs with a pin once they're empty, which is a great design feature.

The other two eyeshadow pots you see are my bargain buys from last week. I happened to be in the chemist near work and was wandering around near the Napoleon Perdis make up section when I spotted a little bargain bin of marked down NP items.I poked around in it and found a heap of eyeshadow pots reduced by  half price or more. Some of them were cracked and crumbled, but I managed to grab the above two colours which are in near perfect condition. The silver colour is Iridescent Silver and the green shade is Golden Khaki. The silver lives up to it's name and is very, very iridescent, but I think it will be a nice accent colour for the inner corners of my eyes. The khaki is a really nice mossy shade and has a hint of bronze in it, which will go nicely with my MAC gold eyeshadow (the name of which escapes me!) Both these NP eyeshadows were marked down to $15 each - score!
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