Friday, September 24, 2010

Glee Highlights - Season 2 Episode 1

Glee is back, dudes, and I think the first episode rocked (bar a few minor stupid plot lines - dog poo cookies? Please.) What were the highlights of the ep? Most of it, but here are my top five:

The video interviews, or "All the glee club dish you're dying to know!" It was a nice, succinct way to catch up with the characters and get some snappy dialogue in straight away.
Personal favourites include:
"How has life changed since the birth of your bastard child?" Hee!
"People thought I went on vacation, but actually I spent the Summer lost in the sewers" The sewers in Summer? Smelly.
"Wait, the kids don't like it when I rap?" Mostly because you're so white Mr Schue. So, so white.
"How do you get the white on rice?" I have nothing to add to this one. Because I was laughing so much.
"What do you do with all that breast milk?", and this one, too.

Empire State of Mind! I love that they opened with a current pop song. It was a great musical start to the season. The scene in the school yard was a nice, low-key space to perform a song like this one, and the entire cast rocked it. More Mike Chang and Brittany dancing though, please. Those peeps are awesome.
Well, except Finn. Please, Glee producers, please don't ever let him rap ever again. EVER AGAIN. Or wear chunky gold chains. Seriously, that dude is the whitest guy on the planet and I found it hard to keep a straight face during his section. The rest was golden.

The Lady Ga Ga sing-off in the toilets. I bet the acoustics were fantastic in there.
Man, Rachel looked intense in this scene. And there was too much hair flipping. I'm kind of bummed Sunshine won't be joining New Directions, but it is hard to say no to a green card and a new condo.

Ok, Asian camp? Cracked my shit up. Tina and Mike having to teach "tech savvy Asian kids" about the arts. Oh, and Mike Chang's abs? No wonder #MikeChang was trending on Twitter yesterday.

The new blonde kid, Sam. I'm glad Puck mentioned that his mouth was huge, because that was the first thing I thought of when I saw him. Actually it's pretty much all I could focus on.
Good voice though.

Can't wait for next week!
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Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of glee, and I think you summed up the first episode of the new season rather well :) Like the bit about the guys big mouth tehe :D

Hans Febrian said...

the season 2 is great. i love all of the songs!