Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun Friday Links

Yay, it's Friday! And Melbourne is being a saucy minx, teasing us with this this gorgeous, late Autumn weather. Ahhh, Melbourne. Just when we think you're plunging us in the depressing, gray days of Winter, you seduce us with blue skies, warm sun, and pink skies at dusk. You cheeky thing, you!

Anyway, let's enjoy some Friday links with our sunshine, shall we?

- The Pregnant Husband is an hilarious tumblr full of gifs to express what one man went through while his wife was pregnant. When I was pregnant, I must say that this one was something I worried about a LOT in the final weeks.

- And now that his wife has given birth, The Pregnant Husband has a new blog called Daddy Newbie. When we had a newborn and I had to brave the supermarket for the first time, this is pretty much how I shopped that day. Also, this? This is possibly the most accurate description of new parenting ever.

- If you love John Karsinski and /or Jimmy Fallon, you need to watch this lip-sync off between them. I love the cutaways to the band. Hilarious.

- 17 photos you need to look at to really understand. Seriously, you will need to look more than twice at a lot of these!

- Parisian twin sisters live as each other's mirror image. So interesting.

- Netherlands work safety posters that a super creepy. Be careful on a ladder or a devil serpant will vomit fire on you! If you get your arm stuck in a piece of machinery, you will be sucked in a portal of hell!

On that note, happy weekend everyone! Pin It

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