Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glee Highlights Post - Season 3: Episodes 7, 8 AND 9!

Being ridiculously busy for past three weeks means I spent Saturday afternoon catching up on Glee. Here are my many thoughts on the episodes I Kissed a Girl, Hold on to Sixteen and Extraordinary Merry Christmas.

Starting with Episode 7: I Kissed A Girl

Santana Is A Bully
....still. It's getting really old.

Cut because it's a hella long entry....Enjoy!

Kurt's Wardrobe

Santana was offended by Kurt and Blaine's Pink cover. I was more offended by Kurt's half sweater. Seriously, what the fuck is that? Also, damn you Glee for making me enjoy yet ANOTHER Pink song! Damn you!!!

Emma's Hair
I think we all need to pause to make note of how cute Jayma Mays' hair is looking in this episode. Right?

Puck Tells It Like It Is
Ugh. Quinn is still sullen and sooky and self-destructive. Thank goodness Puck straight out told her she's nuts. I probably wouldn't have been so polite, but whatever.

Finn's Cover
I loved this. LOVED. Corey Monteith did a really nice job.

I Kissed a Girl
First of all, Rachel's dress is adorable. I must have one exactly like it.

Second, I have issues with this song choice for Santana. You want to sing about being an out and proud lesbian?
....maybe don't choose a song that is highly fetishised for the male gaze. Kind of defeats the purpose. I much preferred when she sang Landslide to Brittany. That was some real feeling.

Puck and Shelby

I purposely chose this shot of Puck and Shelby so we can all mavel at the revolting thing sitting on Puck's head. A mohawk should NOT have a front or back curl to it. Regarding the Puck and Shelby storyline, I am still sitting firmly in the WORLD OF NO party.

Episode 8: Hold on to Sixteen

Kurt's Insult
Kurt hissing "You smell like Craig's List" may be the greatest insult I've ever heard. EVER.

Mercedes and Sam
Please get back together. Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee?

Sam Tells It Like It Is
Thank goodness people are telling Quinn what a psycho she's being. Although again Sam is a lot more polite than I would be. My opinion would be more like "Lady, you are being a straight up psychopath and kind of a bitch. Stop, because it's really, really unappealing and very irritating."

The Unitards
I find the name of this glee club hilarious. I wasn't really feeling this performance, and I still don't think Harmony is that fabulous, so I find the fact that Rachel and Kurt are threatened by her kind of lame.

The Troubletones
I loved this mash up. The rest of it? I found it to be kind of a hot mess. The choreography seemed all over the place and really sloppy and it just didn't click with the song. I feel like they were going for a groovy 60s girl band and instead they got lame flailing all over the place. But at least Mercedes got to shine. See, Will Shuester (and show writers)? Mercedes can totally carry a song. Make that happen more often.

The New Directions
ABC was a perfect, PERFECT song for Tina. I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan, but this medley was to great. The 80s dancing was very cool, and once again it was obvious that Rachel and Finn are not the ONLY ONES who can carry a song at competitions. Although there were times when it was a bit laden with double meaning for the Mike Changs, it was a snappy way to finish sectionals. But I think they could have let Mike Chang Jr's dancing take much more of a lead - I feel like they missed an opportunity to have him let loose with some smooth MJ moves, but oh well.

The Finale
So The Troubletones are defunct and for some reason Suga Motta is STILL are part of the gang? This girl adds NOTHING to the story and I really do not understand why they keep pushing this character on us. I guess she's going to be taking more of a lead role once all the New Directions graduate, but really, they're not doing much to make me enjoy any of her screen time. I find her irritating and useless.

Episode 9 - Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Mercedes' Christmas Carol
I've always wanted this song to be used in a Glee Christmas episode, and I've always thought Amber Riley is the only one who could do it justice, so I was super happy they let her have this song to herself.

Rachel's List
Okay, isn't Rachel Jewish? So why is she being such a demanding brat about Christmas gifts? This was really annoying, although I did love Finn's quick aside about the List of Things We've Done Wrong because she is totally the kind of girl to give her boyfriend a list like that every week while refusing to acknowledge any of her own shortcomings.

River, and Rachel's Wardrobe
This is SUCH a depressing song to sing on a Christmas special (despite the fact that I do love that song), but what we really need to focus on here is the totally awesome, retro wardrobe they're dressing Lea Michele in. This green dress is gorgeous, and the blue dress below is so something I need to have in my cupboard.

Black & White Blaine and Kurt
Don't you just want to watch them in their own little black and white 1950s comedy with double entendres galore? I swear they're just made for something like that! Sidenote: are we really supposed to believe that Artie put this set together for $800? That is some seriously good budgeting.

Featuring Mercedes? Really?
So even in a TV special within a TV show Mercedes doesn't get top billing, despite having the same amount of screentime as Rachel? That is some serious bullshit.

Do They Know It's Christmas?
They're homeless. I'm pretty sure they are HIGHLY aware that it's a major holiday and that they are unable to properly participate in it because of their, you know, HOMELESSNESS. Tacky, tacky song to sing. I mean, I know it was written for charity purposes, but I felt like coming from New Directions it was kind of contrived.

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Hannah said...

Aaaaand these were the three episodes that made me SO BORED with Glee and convinced me to give it up. Except that then peopel on Twitter kept talking about how it's back on form with the MJ episode and so... I spent yesterday watching all the other new ones. Oops.

I fail at sticking to decisions.

I just... cannot stand Rachel's and Finn's faces anymore. Ugh.

#crankypants ;)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, don't worry, that seems to be a very popular opinion at the moment. The writing is just so inconsistent that many people are switching off, I think!

Nat said...

I haven't watched in so long because of work. I've missed it... but I kind of haven't too.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Nat, yeah I know what you mean. I was so busy and just didn't have time and was sort of like "eh, I'll get to it later."

Although watching three episodes back to back on a lazy Saturday afternoon was quite nice!