Monday, May 3, 2010

Autumn weather + Esprit = Argyle

It's Autumn in Melbourne, which means crisp mornings, cold nights and sunny, fresh days that require more than a light cardi for warmth. Conveniently, all the shops are bringing in their glorious knits, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. I love Winter clothes. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Anyway, I was at the local shopping centre and wandered into Esprit to have a look around. They had so many things I wanted. SO MANY. They've bought in all their jumpers and coats and corduroy pants and it's all so Autumn-y and cosy looking. I don't normally shop there because I find it a tad over-priced, but I couldn't walk past all the sexy, sexy argyle jumpers without stopping to drool over them.

In the course of my meandering through the shop I walked past the sale rack and a couple of jumpers caught my eye. They had new season stock on the sale rack, including these:

Now, these were both $79.75AUD. I bought the blue one a couple of weekends ago for $54.95, which isn't a bad saving. BUT last Thursday night the shopping centre had a VIP night and they had further reductions. I went back to the Esprit shop and had another look at the jumpers. And of couse I went back to the sale rack and saw that they had added the pink jumper to the rack. I pulled it out and it was marked down to $39.95. Yay!

I took the pink jumper to the counter to buy it and when the girl scanned it she told me there was a further 25% off the marked price, so it came down even further to $31.92. WOOT. Two jumpers, both originally priced at $79.95 were purchased for a total of $86.87. For jumpers that aren't wool, that is an incredible deal.

Did I mention how much I love argyle? I LOVE IT. It's so preppy and crisp. I've been pairing the jumpers with blue jeans and white loafers, and some pearl earrings to make the look a bit Ralph Lauren fancy-pants.

I love it so much that I'm a little bit jealous of golfers because they can wear it whenever they like. I never thought I would admit to being jealous of a golfer.

It's also worth noting the shop has argyle patterned vests in a variety of colours, which are perfect for work: pair it with a white shirt, black pants and some flats and you'll look fab. Pin It

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