Friday, August 1, 2008

Book review: Stephanie Plum

The Name: Fearless Fourteen
The Writer: Janet Evanovich
The Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Fearless Fourteen is the latest Stephanie Plum offering from comedic crime writer Janet Evanovich. Stephanie accidentally falls into the roll of motherhood as she takes on custody of one of Joe Morelli's distant relatives, thirteen year old Mario, while trying to find his mother, who has been kidnapped and held ransom for ransom, a cool nine million dollars. Collecting her usual gaggle of hangers-on as she tries to find Mario's mother, Stephanie ponders life as a mother and wife, while working security for Ranger, which mostly involves babysitting fading pop star Brenda. Grandma Mazur is up to her usual hijinks as she bonds with Mario, morphing into an emo internet gamer, Moonman is back and vegged out Morelli's couch and Brenda's stalker moves into Morelli's garage. All of this takes place as the residents of Trenton scramble to find the missing nine million, which is supposedly buried somewhere on Morelli's property. There's also a proposal, a booby trapped suitcase and homemade weapons, making it a quick, entertaining read.

In a word: Fun Pin It

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